Photo of Coach Mimi
Photo by Sarah Finley, Chilliwack, BC

Coach Mimi here, with Peace Country Coaching.

Are you a professional athlete?

Probably not.

Yet you desire to move forward in other games of life. Changing your body shape, improving a relationship that is important to you, or setting boundaries for your (now adult) children who have moved back in with you, for example.

We weren’t all taught how to truly care for ourselves. Mostly, we were taught, consciously or unconsciously, that we “shouldn’t” be focusing on taking care of ourselves. Rather the opposite – that others’ care is most important. Feelings of guilt come so easily now when we even think of setting a boundary.

Many of us weren’t even taught to make decisions based on what we’re good at or value, and now suffer through careers based on our first job rather than a conscious choice.

These subtle, behind-the-scenes fears and beliefs we don’t even know are alive in us keep us stuck. Building self-awareness here is a step toward change.


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