My Mission

is to coach and support men who work at a distance rebuild and maintain their valuable relationships back home.

Core Values


focus on developing skills for a lifetime


keep pushing the upper limits of success


let all movement forward bring excitement


whole people lead themselves and then others with humility

Hi, I’m Coach Mimi

relationship coach for those who desire a happy home life where one of the spouses works away from home. I’m also one of those nervy people who believe having an intimate, sexy, connected relationship with another human being on this planet is the SINGLE. BEST. THING.EVER!

As a coach, I hover between giving you a hug and knowing when you need verbal ‘kick in the ass’! Get started with one-on-one coaching with a Discovery Session to see we are a right fit. If so, let’s get started tweaking a few things that will make huge differences in your goal to have awesome relationships.

Navigating Relationships

This program was designed for you by Coach Mimi,
and it’s going to get you back on track.


Success Stories

Here’s what my clients say:

Justin Lavallee

Dawson Creek

Coaching sessions with Coach Mimi felt natural and like I was talking to a wise friend I had known my entire life. She gave me the encouragement and toolkit needed to better my relationship with myself, my loved one’s and my children. I already am the man I wanna be, you just helped bring my thoughts back to where they needed to be. Thank you so much Coach Mimi!

Norm & Darcy


Mimi is helping us to become whole individuals, greatly enhancing our relationship as a couple. We are learning how to communicate with each other effectively. Mimi’s expertise and coaching has really helped us both with our personal growth and self awareness. We are both happier and our marriage is stronger, a direct result of being open to Mimi’s coaching.

Life coaching is enabling us to meet our goals in both our personal and business lives.

I highly recommend life coaching. It has and continues to be a positive experience that is helping us to move forward. In my opinion it is much better than marriage counseling.

Sessions with Mimi have been the best gift we have given to ourselves and each other! We now are able to make decisions and problem-solve with an improved clarity and understanding of ourselves, others, our roles in various situations and the world that we live in.


I’m here when you’re ready.